Comments Tab


Using this feature you can view a history of comments or tasks related to the individual athlete.


  • To post a new comment select the '+ Post' icon.
  • This will bring up a window where you can post a comment and select the relevant information around the comments such as:


  • Welfare
  • Medical
  • Sports Science
  • Operational
  • Performance
  • General comment

Sent to - The recipient(s) that the comment is being direct to. This can be staff members, staff groups, players, groups or squads.

Private comments: By clicking the private button the comment will only be visible to the recipients of the comment.

Content - The content of the comment goes here.

Add related members / groups - This refers to the players or groups that the comment is related to.

  • Multi-selection and autosuggestion features are included in this field
  • Members, groups and squads can be selected all at once

Assign to someone - Selecting this option implies that the comment needs to be actioned. Clicking on this option at the bottom of the modal brings up two fields.

Assign to: Refers to one person that will action this comment

  • Only members that the comment is being sent to should be selectable in this field. i.e. Members in the "Send To" option
  • If the comment is being sent to a group (staff or training group) or squad, members in the selected group or squad should appear in the options for "Assign To" field.

Due date - This is the due date the action should be resolved by. The recipient of this comment will see a "Resolve" button and the due date underneath the comment, indication that it needs to be actioned. See Inbox.



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