View, Edit & Delete Calendar Events

Plans may change or a mistake may simply have been made when creating an event. In cases such as these, the calendar events can be viewed, edited or deleted by authorized members of the team. 

Viewing Functions

  1. The calendar can be viewed by day, week, month or agenda using the tabs located at the top right-hand of the calendar tool.
  2. To view past or future calendar periods, use the arrow tabs located on the top left-hand of the calendar. It will show future or past periods according to the calendar view that has been selected. 
  3. To view an event in more detail, hover the mouse over the event in the calendar. A pop-up will show the date and time of the event, as well as the event type, timezone and venue. 
  4. Events can be filtered by member, group, category or venue by using the drop-down filters located above on the right-hand side of the table. Select the refresh () icon to update the calendar view. 

Editing and Deleting Calendar Events

  1. Click on the event within the calendar to be redirected to a page entitled 'Calendar Event'. Within this page will be all the details of the created event. At the bottom of the screen, in the right-hand corner, are 'Edit' and 'Delete' icons. 
  2. Select 'Edit' and you will be taken to a page similar to an 'Edit Event' page, similar to the 'Create Event' page. After making your changes, select 'Apply Changes' from the lower right-hand side of the screen. You may also delete the event from this page by selecting the button next to this. 
  3. If the event you are editing is a recurring event, an additional pop-up will appear after you have selected the 'Edit' icon. Select whether you want to edit every event in the series, or just the singular event you selected.
  4. If you have selected 'Entire Series', you will be redirected to the 'Edit Event' page and can make changes and save or delete the event as usual.
  5. If you have selected 'Just this one', you will be redirected to a 'Create Recurring Event Exception' page. Here you can edit and save changes as usual, but you are unable to delete the event.
  6. By selecting 'Delete' on any of these pages a popup will appear asking of confirmation to delete the event. Select 'Yes, delete' to permanently delete the event. 

Viewing a Training Session

If the event was created with a training plan attached, an additional button will appear next to the 'Edit' and 'Delete' buttons, titled 'View Session'. Selecting this will allow you to view and edit the training plan. 

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