Setting Up A New Program Template

The development of detailed strength and conditioning programs is necessary to the monitoring of player's training volumes and progress. A clear, structured program allows coaches to see how a player has improved over time, or where a change can be made in training to address a player's weakness.

SportsMed Baseline includes a simple, step by step process to the creation and allocation of strength and conditioning programs. The programs are completely customised by the coaching staff and can be assigned to individuals or groups, linking with the player's Calendar. SportsMed Baseline takes into account the variable nature of strength and conditioning training, allowing all aspects of the program to be edited at a later stage.

Create a New Program Template

The Program Template page can be found by selecting 'Strength and Conditioning' and 'Program Templates' from the left-hand menu. 

  1. From the Program Templates page, select the 'Create New Template' icon from the upper right-hand corner of the page. 
  2. Give the program a title and a focus.
  3. Select how many weeks the program will run for and how many sessions per week there are.
  4. Select a scoring method from the drop-down menu. This will give guidance on how the actual load is chosen.
  5. Add Units to the session. These are the different components that make up the session. E.g. warm-up, lifting, cool-down etc. 
  6. Select 'Next Step' to save the template. You will automatically be taken to an 'Edit Program Template' screen. This is where the details of the program are created. Refer to the 'Creating a New Program' User Guide for more information. 

Program Templates Page Navigation

The Program Template page contains a variety of options to manipulate the templates and their display. The table that is featured on this page is similar to a number of tables on various other parts of the SportsMed system. 

  • There is a search filter located to the upper left-hand side of the table.
  • Selecting a column title will sort the table by that element.
  • The number of items per page can be changed by selecting the 'Show' drop-down menu to the upper right-hand side of the table. Navigate between pages by using the arrows to the lower right-hand side of the table. 
  • Columns can be hidden or made visible by selecting the 'Columns' button to the upper right-hand side of the table and deselecting or selecting column titles.
  • The table can be copied or printed by selecting the respective buttons to the upper right-hand side of the table. 
  • By selecting 'Export' in the upper right-hand side, you are given the option to export the table as CSV, Excel/CSV or PDF file.

Under the Options column there are a variety of ways to manipulate the templates themselves. 

  •  This 'Assign Template' icon allows you to assign templates to players and link the program to their Calendar. See the 'Create a New Program' User Guide for more information on this icon.
  • This 'Unassign Template' icon allows you to unassign templates to players and remove the program from their Calendar events. See the 'Create a New Program' User Guide for more information on this icon.
  •  The 'Edit Template' icon takes you to the Edit Program Template page. Here you can modify aspects of the program. Select 'Save' in the lower right-hand corner to save your program once changes have been made. 
  •  The 'Delete Template' icon allows you to delete the program template. It does not unassign templates from users, and this will need to be done separately if the program is no longer in use. Select 'Yes, delete' when the pop-up appears to permanently delete the template. 


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