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Having a clear and structured training plan is important to both the players and coaching staff. Ultimately the behaviours that are executed in training are what will be produced in a match situation, so being organised and having a clear knowledge of what has been worked on is important to encourage the best behaviours. They can also be reflected on, with coaches being able to identify what went well or not so well in training and what they may expect in the game situation.

On Baseline, there is the capability of creating training sessions which can be printed out to guide a session, and edited afterwards to add notes or comments about the session. These plans can be customised by the coach depending on length or type of training all in an easy-to-read format. 

To Create New Training Sessions:

  1. Select 'Coaching' and 'Training Sessions' from the left-hand menu. 
  2. Select    from the top right-hand corner of the Training Sessions screen.
  3. Use the drop-down lists to select a session type and format. Depending on the format chosen, a variety of options will appear with information to fill in about the session. 
  4. Include training groups and groups, comments or attachments as applicable. NOTE: Post training notes can be added by editing the training session after its creation. 
  5. Select 'Create' to save the session.

Format 1: Session Outline

This is the most basic session plan including only generic information about players and staff involved in the session. It is the default outline. 

Format 2: Session Outline + Drills and Individuals

This format as per Format 1, with the added function of breaking down the session by drill and adding the individuals specific to each drill.

The planned time for each drill needs to be entered and the total length of the session will automatically be calculated. This calculation takes into account drills that may be run simultaneously. For example, team completes the warm-up together (15 minutes) before splitting into two groups, Group 1 = Drill 1 (30 minutes) and Group 2 = Drill 2 (30 minutes); would be calculated as a total duration of 45 minutes.

 Format 3: Session Outline + Drills and GPS

Appears as per Format 2, with the added function of GPS metrics. The chosen metrics will be estimated based on the planned duration and past results for the particular drill. After a session is completed and the GPS data uploaded, the actual metrics will appear in the training plan as well.


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