Wellness Configuration

Wellness monitoring is important for the continued well-being of your athletes. There are a variety of metrics that can be enable or disabled in the Baseline platform, with various alerts that can be configured as well. 

  • Click 'Administration' & 'Configuration' in the left-hand menu.
  • Click 'Wellness'.


Within the wellness section, there are some thresholds that can be set to alert staff members for either high risk or performance reasons.

When setting these alert thresholds, keep in mind that each wellness metric that is enabled is on a 10-point scale from 0.5-5, therefore the thresholds need to be set accordingly. Generally, users have started at half to begin with and altered this as they needed until happy with the number of alerts being triggered.



As well as setting the thresholds, you can set the message to be sent and the recipients of this when the alert threshold is triggered.



The wellness options within the Baseline platform can then be selected. They can be enabled/disabled to suit your organisation's needs. The wellness parameters selected will apply for the entire platform therefore we recommend only restricted members have access to the configuration.



Once happy with the changes, select Wellness_5.PNG to save the chosen settings.

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