Bulk Data Capture

Many situations require data to be recorded for a large number of athletes. Bulk Data Capture provides an efficient method of collecting team data for any given test.

To record data via bulk data capture you first need to access the Data Capture page.

  • 'Data Capture' in the lift-hand menu.
  • Select the icon from under the Options column, for the relevant test.
  • Select the group(s), individual athlete(s) or staff member(s) by selecting the relevant box and choosing from the options in the drop-down menus. There is the option to 'Select All', or 'Remove All', from each box. To remove select players or groups, click the 'x' appearing beside their name (See image below).
  • Select 'Next' at the bottom of the screen to move on.




Record Bulk Data: Bulk Capture

A table will appear with the test elements and the users you have selected. In addition to inputting your data, there are a number of options to configure participants in the test, manipulate viewing and recording of data, as well as options to minimize the time you spend recording results. 

  • If a user was not present for the test, they can be removed by selecting the minus (-) sign next to their name. They may be re-added by selecting the 'Show User' drop-down box above the list of players and selecting the plus (+) sign next to it.
  • A test element may be removed by selecting the minus (-) sign next to their name. It may be re-added by selecting the 'Show Element' drop-down box to the left of the element names and selecting the plus (+) sign next to it.
  • Enter results by typing the score into the corresponding box. 
  • If multiple data boxes require the same input (e.g. date), the value can be inputted into the box below the element name and one of the three arrows may be selected to fill multiple boxes.



  • If there are any errors within the data (e.g. score not recorded in appropriate unit) the 'No error's box in the bottom right-hand corner will highlight the error in red, and you will not be able to save the data. 
  • Once data is inputted with no errors, click 'Save Data' at the bottom right-hand corner of the table to continue to view results.


Record Bulk Data: Results

This screen confirms that the results have been successfully saved into the system. Selecting the grey 'View Results' icon will take you to a page similar to the View Test Results page. See this for more information. 

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