Create & Adjust Roles and Permissions

Roles and permissions are what allowed different users access to various parts of the system. SportsMed comes with a set of roles and permissions already configured, although they can be edited at any stage by an administrator. 

To Configure Roles and Permissions:

  • Select 'Administration' and 'Configuration' in the left-hand menu.
  • Select 'Roles and Permissions'. 



  • Select the green 'Edit' pen under the 'Options' column for one of the pre-existing roles.


  • Select the 'Duplicate' button at the bottom of the Roles Details widget. 



NOTE: This method is less time consuming and gives an idea into what different roles can view.

It is also possible to create a completely new role by clicking 'Create New Role' on the 'Roles & Permissions' page.


  • Select the edit pen for the duplicate role and change the required details, including the role name. 
  • Select 'Apply Changes' to save. 


  • To delete a role, select the red 'Trash' button under the Options column for that role. 


Filter through roles, or copy, print and export the roles list by selecting the corresponding buttons above the Roles table.



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