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It is easier to manage a group of people if they are all gathered in the one place. The same principle applies when managing a sporting team. Having one point where all the details about a player can be accessed makes organising training sessions and matches a lot more manageable. 

In SportsMed Baseline, this location is known as the Dashboard, accessed by this heading in the left-hand menu. It is split into three sections: Overview, Availability and Performance Monitoring. Each of these views displays different information which may be relevant to various members of the coaching staff. 

Navigating the Overview Dashboard

To access the Overview Dashboard, first select 'Dashboard' from the left-hand menu and then select the drop-down menu to the most upper left-hand side of the Dashboard. Select 'Overview'. 


To sort between competitions, use the middle drop-down menu at the top of the screen. The filter will default to 'View All', but upon leaving and re-entering the Dashboard will remain on the settings you last viewed. 

The far right drop-down menu will group players by their availability, training or positional groups. 

The Overview Dashboard shows a training summary and that competition's timeline for the week.  

The Training Summary

The Training Summary provides an overview of what players are able to train. Hovering the mouse pointer over a player will provide additional player detail, such as their date of birth, what squads or groups they are a part of. Clicking on the profile image will take you through to their profile. 

You are able to change the default grouping, default image size for each player, and relative ordering of search results by accessing the settings. This is done by selecting the  icon in the upper right-hand corner of the training summary. Your preferences will be remembered for the next time you return to the Overview Dashboard. 

  • Select the settings cog in the upper right-hand corner of the training summary. A pop-up will appear. 
  • Set the default grouping as Availability, Training Group or Positional Group. 

  • Select if last names are to be shown in the training summary and how large the profile images should be. 

  • Use the tabs across the top of the pop-up to select which training statuses should be hidden (if any), as well as adjust the order of the visible status'.


  • Select 'Save Changes' to set the settings as default. 

The Timeline

The timeline widget shows the selected competition's timeline for the week.  There are a number of options to search for particular days. 

  1. View adjacent weeks by clicking the arrows in the upper left-hand corner of the timeline. Select the drop-down calendar to choose a specific week to view.
  2. By selecting 'Today' you will be redirected to the current date, with the timeline showing weekly events from the Monday of that week.
  3. Events cannot be modified or added from the Dashboard, this needs to be completed from the Calendar. 
  4. Each event is colour-coded and categorised as per the set up in 'Administration', 'Configuration', 'Event Categories'.
  5. If an event is a 'Training Session' you can click on the calendar item and select 'View Training Session', to take you to the training session details. See the Training Sessions User Guide for more information on this feature. 


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