Availability Dashboard

Sometimes it may be more beneficial to coaching staff to have their players grouped by availability. This is useful to help them develop training sessions for the players as they know how many people will be taking part or if a modified plan is required.  

The Availability Dashboard is designed for coaches to view the availability status of their players at any point in time. It also provides an efficient method of logging an injury incident for a player, which can later be documented as an injury report. Refer to Injuries and Illnesses for more information on this feature.

This dashboard view also allows coaches to configure select charts of test results, for a visual representation of how training is tracking. 

The Availability Dashboard is located by selecting 'Dashboard' from the left-hand menu and 'Availability' from the far left drop-down box on the upper left-hand side of the screen. 


Player Summary Display

For coaches, the player summary widget relates to the training status of players in a selected squad.  Using this widget coaches can see a player's current training status, return to training date (if the athlete is unavailable) and selection status for competitions. The default view of the player summary is to view all, with players grouped by their training groups. 

Finding or Viewing Players


Use the drop down menus above the table to select between competitions and groups. A list of groups and their players will appear in the table according to the filtered settings. The filters provide the following sorting options:

  1. Navigate between dashboards
  2. Navigate between competitions
  3. Navigate between training groups

To assist navigation, groups can be hidden within the player summary table. To do this, select the arrow next to the group's name (image below) to hide the players in that group. Selecting the group name again will make the players visible again. 


Players can be sorted by any variable by selecting the column name. E.g. 'Training Today', 'Return to Training' etc. in the table above.


 Changing Columns on Display

  • Select the settings () cog in the top right-hand of the Player Summary table.
  • Deselect the columns that you wish to be hidden.

  • Select 'Save Changes' to save.
  • The columns can be made visible again by opening the Widget Settings box and reselecting the columns. 


View Injury Notes on a Player or Member

From the Availability Dashboard you can also view details on a player's injury or illness. You are able to view more details on a player's injury or illness by selecting their training status, under 'Training Today'. A pop-up will appear showing more information on the injury type, date of occurrence and player's next available selection date. Under the 'Description' column, a link to the full injury details can be found and you will be redirected to the injury report. 

Select users are also able to change a player's training status and return date from the Availability Dashboard. 


 To change a player's training status: 

  1. Select the status of the desired player under 'Training Today'. 
  2. Within the pop-up a list of training statuses will appear.
  3. Select the training status from the options, and modify the return date if required. You can also list a reason for why the player is unavailable for training. 
  4. Click 'Save' to confirm the status change.
  5. The player will now appear in their new training status.


Team Widgets

The team widgets provide a visual snapshot of chosen elements. They represent the team average of all the values entered for the selected period of time. The large number represents the latest team average value, while the smaller coloured value represents the percent change between the latest two values. They are located below the Player Summary table with a maximum of four team widgets allowed to be created at any one time. 


Creating a Team Widget

  1. Select the settings () cog at the top right-hand of a team widget. A 'KPI Widget Settings' pop-up box will appear. 
  2. Enter a metric title - the title that will be shown on the top left-hand of the widget.
  3. Enter metric data - the data that will be shown on the metric widget. First select a test, then the elements within the test that you wish to display. 
  4. Enter a visualisation type - the type of chart the data will be displayed in. 
  5. Select 'Save Changes'. 


How Enabling / Disabling Tests Effects Widgets

Widgets can be created from all data that is collected on the platform, including wellness and test data. However when enabling or disabling tests within Data Capture you enable or disable your widget options. 


You'll notice the testing data available to place into a widget.



By disabling these tests in Data Capture you'll find your options for widgets becomes limited. With all test data now unable for use on the widgets.


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