Building Chart Templates

Charts are a way of collating data and displaying it in an easy-to understand, visual format. They offer different way of viewing data, and can be useful in comparing data between individuals as well as the whole team or groups of athletes. Charts can be used to identify patterns within results, and thus be used to influence training patterns.

In Baseline, charts are used as the content of reports, and must be created before they can be added to a report.

To Create a New Template:

  • Select 'Reporting', 'Chart Templates' on the left-hand menu.


  • Select 'Add a Template' from the top right-hand side of the screen. 


  • Type your chosen title for the chart and select whether you want the chart available to display on the mobile app and choose the chart type. 


  1. If choosing to display on the mobile application, you are limited to the column chart type.
  2. If the charts are available on the mobile, they are required to be apart of a full report that is also made available to the mobile.
  3. All users on the platform will see their own personal data reflected in the chart that displays on the mobile.


  • Select from the following options available to display on the x-axis:



  • To select the element displayed on the y axis, first 'Filter By' the test the element comes from and then select the element.


  • A new box will appear with that element title and you can configure how the data will be displayed. 


  • For each element added, you have the ability to control whether the values display in the chart or not through the 'Display Values' toggle.
  • There are also a number of other options available:
    • Calculation Type - These options allow you to add a function to the data displaying in your chart.

Example: 'Date' is on the x-axis and '1200m Time' results are showing in the chart with the calculation type 'Average' selected. If 'All Team' is selected in the view Full Report filter, then the 'All Team Average' result will be shown for each day data was recorded for this test.

    • 'Primary Group By' and 'Secondary Group By' - These options allow data recorded for the same variable to be divided further if possible.

Example Figure:  A) 'Individuals' displaying on the x-axis, with 'Session Load' selected as the 'Element for the Primary Y-Axis' and grouped by the 'Specific Session Type' as seen in image (A) below. This combination will display as per image (B) below.





NOTE: The combination of 'date' on the x axis and a select number of chart types triggers the option of having 'rolling averages' displayed on the chart. Select these as you wish. 

  • There is an additional option to add a secondary y-axis. These additional plots will be displayed as line charts and will lay on top of the primary data points.
  • To save and complete the chart, select 'Create Template'. 

To View, Edit or Delete Chart Templates:

  • Locate the chart you wish to action, and select the view, edit or delete icons under the 'Options' column.
  • Viewing the chart will show you the details the chart was created using.
  • Editing the chart will take you to a similar screen to when you are creating the chart. Make your changes, and select 'Save' in the lower right-hand corner to apply them.
  • A popup will appear after you select the 'Delete' icon, asking for confirmation to delete chart. Select 'Yes, delete' to permanently delete the chart.  

 View Icon           Edit Icon           Delete Icon

As with most similar pages in Baseline, there are options to show more or less items or columns, and copy, print or export the data using the buttons located in the top right-hand corner of the 'Chart Templates' screen. 

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