The timely and accurate diagnosis of a player's illness is key to ensuring an effective and safe rehabilitation plan is delivered to the player as soon as possible. Therefore detailed and up to date records of past illnesses or medical diagnoses to facilitate this is a must have for any sporting team. Only when this is the case can medical, rehabilitation and coaching staff work together to form the best plan for their player. 

SportsMed Baseline uses the Orchard Sports Injury Classification System (OSICs), one of the world's most commonly used systems for coding injury diagnosis in sports injury surveillance systems. This system ensures that all illnesses and conditions are recorded under the same classification system. Only trained medical staff should be involved in the diagnosing of medical conditions. 

Recorded illnesses link to the Availability Dashboard, ensuring relevant information is communicated to coaches and other staff, in keeping with patient confidentiality. Files and additional notes may also be uploaded for the most detailed medical reports.

Illness information can be located under 'Sports Medicine' in the left-hand menu, and then selecting the 'Illness' subheading. From the Illness page a new illness entry can be created, as well as multiple other functions to assist in the monitoring of these reports.  

Creating a New Illness Entry

When creating a new illness entry, there is the option to record information under 5 tabs: Details, Availability, Files, Notes and Treatment Notes. Each tab contains different information about the illness, or links the illness to a different part of the system. For example, submitting availability data links to the availability of the player in the Dashboard. The only information that is compulsory to submit is that found under the Details tab, indicated by a red asterisk (*). 

  1. From the Illness page select 'Create Illness' from upper right-hand corner of the screen. 
  2. Complete the 'Create Illness: Details' portion of the 'Details' tab. This information includes the player, type and status of illness, date illness began and if it is a confidential or recurrent illness.
  3. Complete the 'Diagnosis and Treatment' portion of the 'Details' tab. This section includes the diagnosis of the illness and if surgery is required.
  4. Select the Availability tab from the top of the screen and fill out the appropriate information. These details include the player's current training capacity and a progression status to return to full training.
  5. Select the Files tab. Upload any relevant pictures/documents by selecting the grey 'Attach File' button. A popup will appear. 
  6. Select the 'Upload File' button in the top right-hand corner to upload an external file. 
  7. Select the Notes tab. Type any additional notes. 
  8. Select the Treatment Notes tab. Include a treatment title and date of treatment. 
  9. Select 'Create Illness' in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to save. 

At any stage after the Details tab has been completed, the illness can be created by selecting the 'Create Illness' button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. This button is located on any of the informational tabs. 

Edit, Delete or Export Illness Notes

The Illness page contains a variety of options to manipulate the illness notes and their display. The table that is featured on this page is similar to a number of tables on various other parts of the SportsMed system. 

  • To search through the listed illnesses, use the search filters located under each element heading. 
  • The  icon can be selected to add conditions to the search filters. 
  • Selecting the  icon produces a drop-down menu. There are options to add or remove columns, or sort the illness list according to that element. 
  • The illness list can be exported to Microsoft Excel by selecting the blue 'Export to Excel' bar located above the table. The list will be exported according to your table settings. 
  •  can be selected to edit the illness entry. A page similar to the Create and Illness page will appear. Simply click the 'Save Illness' button in the lower right-hand corner to save changes.
  •  can be selected to delete the illness entry. A popup will ask for confirmation to delete. Select 'Yes, delete' to permanently delete the record. 



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