Viewing Test Results

Once data has been collected, it is important to go back over it and see what the implications are for the team. Results can be analysed individually or within a team context, but always with the aim of identifying how performance or health can be improved.

SportsMed Baseline offers a number of options to view data. These options are designed to suit your needs so that you can make the best use of your data.   

Viewing Test Results 

  1. Select 'Data Capture' from the left-hand menu, and the department the test is located in (Strength and Conditioning, Prevent and Rehab, Sports Medicine or Administration). 
  2. Locate the test you wish to view results for using the filter above the list of tests.
  3. Click the blue 'View' icon in the right-hand 'Options' column.  Screen_Shot_2017-03-24_at_1.22.17_pm.png

You will be taken to a new screen showing the data that has been recorded for that test. Some of the data may be shaded depending on the alert settings for that test, with a legend located below the table to indicate what the shading means. Below the list of results, the maximum, minimum and average scores of the results can be seen.

Results are automatically categorised by player and filtered to only include test results from the past month. These filters, as well as other viewing options, can be manipulated using the icons located within, or above, the table of results.

Filtering by Date or Group

  1. The date and group filter is located in a pale blue box directly below the table title, to the top left-hand side of the screen.
  2. To filter by date, select the date and a drop down menu will appear. Select from one of the options or set a custom date range. Update by selecting 'Filter'.
  3. To filter by group, select the drop down arrow next to 'Groups Selected'. Search for the group you want to view, or select multiple groups from the list, and select 'Filter' to update the table. 

 Table of Results Viewing Options

  1. Sort results by element by selecting the element name at the top of each column. 
  2. Hide columns by selecting the  icon beside an element name. Deselect the columns you wish to be hidden. Columns can be made visible by selecting them again. 
  3. Change the order of columns by clicking and dragging the column title to a new location. 
  4. Specific results can be found by searching through the filters located below each element name. The icon can be selected to view a drop-down menu of other conditions that can be applied to the search filter. 
  5. The items per page can be changed by selecting the drop-down arrow to the bottom left-hand side fo the table. Select a number from the drop-down menu and the page will automatically refresh. Navigate between pages of results using the arrows to the left of this menu.

 Other Options

Options to export and record data have been included on this page for the user's ease of use. 

  • Export results to a Microsoft Excel document by selecting the dark blue 'Export to Excel' button located above the table. Data is exported according to the filter settings that have been selected. 
  • Individual, bulk capture and import as CSV icons can be located to the top right-hand side of the table, as per the icons on the 'Data Capture' page. For more information on what each of these functions does, refer to their respective pages.  
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