What is Baseline?

Baseline offers grassroots, semi-elite teams and school-based clubs of all sporting codes the opportunity to tap into the technology engine used by elite professionals. Coaches and athletes are able to tackle the demands of team management, whilst the predictive engine protects athletes from potential injury by delivering essential trends and insights. Visibility around patterns of athlete performance is maximised via the aggregation of information from disparate data sources including wearable technology, calendars, spreadsheets and reports highlighting trends and generating patterns. Communication between coaches and multiple athletes across multiple codes assist with athlete coordination and identification. With greater clarity and a more holistic picture, clubs and coaches are able to make more educated decisions, ultimately resulting in more positive sporting results and better-managed budgets. The Baseline mobile product allows athletes to easily capture any data metric before, during or after training sessions. For athletes, this is made easy by the capacity to integrate over 200 wearable devices.

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