Data Capture

Gathering accurate and relevant player information and using this information to enhance performance is one of the goals of any sporting team. Results can be used to view a player's progression over time, see where their strengths and weaknesses lie or as a tool for monitoring health and performance. 

In SportsMed Baseline, the Data Capture section, located in the left-hand menu, can be used to collect information about players in five different areas - coaching, strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, medicine and administration. Customised tests, spanning physical, performance or mental parameters, are configured and placed under one of these headings. 

The subheadings form a way of grouping specific tests together, but data for each test is captured the same way regardless of which test players are completing. Under 'Options' in the table of tests, there are methods for capturing data. It can be captured individually, as a bulk capture or imported from an external file. 

 Individual Capture

 Bulk Capture

 Import Results

View Results 

The toolbar above the list of tests provides a variety of functions that can be used to manipulate the tests displayed.

  • Enabling specific tests hides tests that have not been selected. This is useful when there are only certain tests that a player may be required to complete regularly from the entire list. The irrelevant tests can be deselected and hidden from view. 
  • The filter can be used to find a specific test from the list. This is particularly useful if all tests are visible.
  • 'Show' changes the number of tests that are visible at any one time on a page. Select a number from the dropbox and then scroll between pages using the arrows that will appear at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 
  • By selecting 'Columns' you can deselect columns that you do not wish to be visible. Columns can be made visible by reselecting those columns. 
  • 'Copy' copies the column to the Clipboard, to be pasted in a different document.
  • To print the list of tests, select 'Print' and an overview of the page will appear.
  • The list can be exported as a CSV, CSV/Excel or PDF file by selecting 'Export' and then the appropriate file type. You will be asked to save the file to your computer.
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