Setting Up Full Reports

Reports are an effective way of collating data for individuals or a group, to analyse results and draw comparisons and conclusions. In the Baseline platform, reports are groups of charts, which are able to be viewed or edited at any stage for the most up to date collation of data. 


To Create a Report Template:

  • Select 'Reporting' and 'Full Reports' from the left-hand menu.
  • Select the 'Create Report Template' from the top right-hand of the screen.


  • Enter the report title and if it is to be displayed on the mobile application or as an individual report. 

  • Select the chart to be displayed on the report, the row it is to appear in and whether it is to be half size or full size.
  • Select 'Add Chart' if more charts are to be included in the report. 
  • Charts can be removed at any time by selecting the red 'Trash' icon to the right of the chart information.
  • When finished, select 'Create Report' to save. 

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