Treatment Notes

Any time medical staff conduct a review of an athlete they should log the consult. Sometimes the player won't have a long term illness, or won't yet have been diagnosed. When this is the case, medical staff can create Treatment Notes. This allows staff to keep a record of all the treatments that are conducted with the players. 

Treatment Notes appear in the Medical tab of the user profile, in chronological order along with the illnesses saved. They can also be added to an illness log when it is created, or  even after its creation. The treatment note can be created as a draft or, if there is no more information to add, saved as a final copy which is unable to be edited. 

Treatment Notes are located by selecting 'Sports Medicine' in the left-hand menu and then the subheading 'Treatment Notes'. Select the 'Add New Treatment Notes' icon to begin a new note. Alternately, they can be created under the Treatment Note tab when creating a new illness log. 

Create a New Treatment Note

Regardless of whether the treatment note is created from the New Illness or Treatment Note page, the process and information required is the same.

  1. Access the New Treatment Notes page.
  2. Fill out the details for player, treatment title and date.
  3. If applicable, complete the other informational boxes for a more in depth record. These include subjective and objective measures, any actions to be completed following the consult and a plan for treatment. 
  4. Select 'Save as Draft' if not completed, or 'Save and Finalise' if the record is complete, from the lower right-hand corner of the screen. 

 View, Edit, Delete or Export Existing Treatment Notes

Similar to the table on the Illness page, the Treatment Notes page has a variety of functions that manipulate the Treatment Notes view. The table that is featured on this page is similar to a number of tables on various other parts of the SportsMed system. 

  • To search through the listed treatment notes, use the search filters located under each element heading. 
  • The  icon can be selected to add conditions to the search filters. 
  • Selecting the  icon allows you to add or remove columns, or sort the illnesses according to that element. 
  • The illness list can be exported to Microsoft Excel by selecting the blue 'Export to Excel' bar located above the table. 
  •  can be selected to view details of the treatment note. A popup will appear with the details. 
  •  can be selected to edit the treatment note. You will be redirected to an 'Update Treatment Note' page. When changes have been made, select 'Save as Draft' or 'Save and Finalise'. Only notes that have been saved as a draft can be edited. 
  •  can be selected to delete the treatment note. A popup will ask for confirmation to delete. Select 'Yes, delete' to permanently delete the record. Only notes that have been saved as a draft can be deleted. 



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