Wellness Snapshot

The wellness snapshot displays the wellness results of selected groups or teams. It has the functionality to filter by chronic or acute values and chosen a date range. Results are highlighted according to the legend below the table, which is based off Z-scores. This offers an alternative, more mathematical way of viewing data that may be of benefit to particular members of the coaching staff. 

The Wellness Snapshot is located by selecting 'Wellness' then 'Wellness Snapshot' in the left-hand menu. 

Changing Display Parameters

  1. You can view select data by changing the filter settings located above the table.
  2. Selecting the 'Group or Squad' filter will bring up a drop-down menu of all the groups. Select the ones you wish to view.
  3. Select either 'Chronic' or 'Acute' to filter the scores that are shown. 
  4. 'Baseline Date Range' produces a drop-down menu where you can select a date range. This will show data from within that range. 
  5. Select the 'Date' filter to produce a drop-down calendar where you can select a date to view data from. 
  6. The table will automatically refresh to display relevant data.
  7. Selecting any of the column headings will sort the table according to that element. 
  8. By selecting the drop-down menu next to 'Show' in the upper right-hand side of the table, you can select how many scores should be displayed on one page of the table. Select a number from the drop-down menu. 
  9. Navigate between pages of data by selecting the left and right arrows to the lower right-hand side of the table. 

Exporting Wellness Data

If needed, the raw data in the wellness snapshot can be exported in csv format or printed as a hard copy. The icons for these functions are located to the top right-hand side of the Wellness Snapshot table. 

Selecting the 'Export' icon will present you with an option to 'Export CSV' or 'Export Raw Data'.

  • Export CSV – data will be exported in csv format.
  • Export CSV Raw Data – data will be exported in csv format without symbols.


Selecting the 'Copy' icon will copy the data to the clipboard. 

Selecting 'Print' will redirect you to a print preview screen. Select 'Print'. 


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