Viewing Full Reports

  • On the Full Reports page, select from the icons in under the 'Options' column to manipulate the report.



  • To view a report, select the blue 'View' icon.
  • Using the drop-down tabs, select the date range or season and competition phase that you wish to run the report from.




  • Select the individual player or group of players from the next drop-down menu. Select if a comparison or team average are required.




  • Select 'Run Report' in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to generate the report.

Final reports can look like the following:




There are a number of dynamic functions that should be noted with these reports:

  1. By clicking on the items in the legend, the corresponding item in the chart will turn off. You can turn it back on by clicking on the legend item again.
  2. By clicking the 'Switch Data Display' button, the data display will change to a tabular format.
  3. By clicking and dragging over parts of the graph you can zoom in on particular sections of data.
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