New Member Profile

The recent upgrade to the Baseline new member profile now allows an extensive range of information about an athlete to be stored in one place.

Adjust the training status of your athletes from the profile as well as personalizing the profile through the configuration of details such as the profile image.


Schedule Tab

As well as the new features, the old functionality has still been retained, such as viewing each athlete's schedule through their member profile.



Profile Information Tab

The profile tab now includes sections such as contact, travel, uniform and family information as well as waivers and permission forms. If there are any areas that you need more detail, please contact your account manager to discuss any required additions.



Monitoring Tab

You can now track the wellbeing of your athletes within their profile over an extended time frame of your choice. Identify areas such as sleep or motivation that the athletes may be struggling with and use this to implement appropriate interventions to assist them.



Training Tab

Now view double the testing metrics within the player profile. Using the settings cogNUP_Settings_Cog.PNGeach graph can be configured to suit you organisations needs. Add 7-day and 28-day rolling averages to provide more extensive insights.



Medical History Tab

The medical history can now be printed and exported in pdf format to assist with external medical consultations and player transfer arrangements.




Medical Information Tab

Medical details are important and unique to each athlete. Now you have the ability to add immunizations, allergies, medications and operations to the member profile as well as doctor and next of kin details.




Comments Tab

Track the progress of your athletes in the Comments Tab. Important details and comments that need to be documented for the athlete can be added via the Comments Feed (located in the top navigation bar) and stored for future reference.


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