Import Users from a Spreadsheet

In some situations there may be numerous members to enter into the system at once. In this case there is the option to upload a spreadsheet in csv format to the system.

To access a template for the spreadsheet click the 'CSV Import' icon in the top navigation bar.



This will link directly to the 'Import Data' page.

From here, click 'User Data' and 'Download User .csv Template' (as in image below).




From here the template will download. To access the file, search 'UserImport' in the computer's downloads folder. The template appears as per the image below.




Fill in the appropriate details as per the example below and save the document (please ensure it remains in a .csv format).




From here, go back to Baseline where the file can be uploaded by clicking 'Choose File'.




Select the file from the computer by clicking the 'Choose File' button.




After the file has been selected, it will appear as follows:




Click the 'Next' button to continue.

This will navigate to a page which is asking for you to check all the details are correct and to select the correct date format.




After selecting the date format, click 'Next'.




This will navigate to the final page where you are asked if you would like to begin the import. If you wish to continue, please select 'Start Import' (as seen in the image below).




After the upload is complete, your members and their details will be populated in the 'Members' page.



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