How can I share video with athletes?

Often coaches choose to use video as a teaching tool. With the majority of athletes having their mobile phones on them, what better way to share important coaching clips.

There are two methods in the Baseline platform that allow video to be shared among users.


  1. Attached to Calendar Events

This method involves adding video to a calendar event. All users that are included in the event will therefore have the ability to view the attachments.

As indicated in Figure 1:

  • Click the ‘Calendar’ left-hand menu item.
  • Click on the event the vision is to be attached.

Figure 1.


Figure 2.

As indicated in Figure 2.

  • Click on the ‘Edit’ button.


Figure 3.


As indicated in Figure 3.

  • Click the ‘Attach File’ button.


Figure 4.


As indicated in Figure 4:

  • Select the file to be attached to the event by clicking on the paperclip icon.

(To add files to the media folder, please see article ‘Uploading to the Media Folder’.)


Figure 5.

As in Figure 5.:

  • The attachment can now be viewed in the event edit mode.
  • Click ‘Apply Changes’.


Figure 6.


Now that the video has been attached to the event. When logging into the mobile application and clicking on the event there will be a link to the footage.


2. Messaging

This method is useful if video needs to be sent to an individual or a particular group of athletes. As soon as the message with video attachment is sent from the web-based platform, a notification is sent to the mobile application and the athletes can view the clips from their phones. It is important to note that for the notifications to come through, they have to be allowed through the phone settings.

As in Figure 1:

  • Click on the ‘Messages’ icon in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Figure 1.

As in Figure 2:

  • Click either ‘Compose’ for selecting individuals or ‘Group Message’ to send the files to a group of users.

Figure 2.

As in Figure 3:

  • Click the paper clip icon to add an attachment to the message.

Figure 3.

As in Figure 4:

  • Select the location of the file you wish to attach. If it is from your computer, please select the ‘Choose File’ button.

As in Figure 5:

  • Type the message, the attachment is added and click the ‘Send’ button.

Figure 5.

As in Figure 6:

  • The message is sent to the mobile application on the chosen recipients. If allowed on the phone, a notification will also be triggered.

Figure 6.

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